How You Should Plan Your Wedding Day

Generally the type of the reception you are planning to have should tally with the wedding ceremony style. There are basically three types of receptions. Tea with stand-up buffet, a sit down buffet and a sit down dinner function.

There are need few essential requirements that all the wedding receptions must have. A wedding cake, champagne for toasting, food and alcoholic brews depending on the couple’s decision on whether to serve liquor or not.

On most occasions, wedding receptions tend to consume the biggest portion of your wedding expenses. It is a must that you appoint someone good enough to supervise the whole reception.

Choosing a reception site

First of all, you need to figure out the dates and times that you want to do the ceremony and then talk to reception sites make sure the dates and time slots are available before you confirmed the big day. One of the key factors to determining the reception site depends on the number of people you are planning to invite. It is important to have a hall that fit the situation. A hall that is too large for a small crowd can make the guests feels like they are lost.

Wedding caterer

It is also the same situation here. After figuring out your dates, you need to contact the preferred caterer and booked the dates before confirming the wedding day. When searching for caterers, the best option would be to ask for recommendations from your friends and family members. By choosing a reliable and reputed caterer and informing about the budget you can allocate for the food, they can recommend you what sort of a food menu you can go with.

Setting up the wedding cake

Usually the cake is used as the centrepiece of the whole function. When deciding where to place it up, figure out the best position where it’s visible to everyone who is attending the function. Make sure to cover the table with a long cloth and decorate it flowers the matches the colours of the cake.


Following items are few of the most common traditions expected to be done in a wedding.

  • Toast for the bridal couple
  • First dace
  • Welcome speech usually done by a best man
  • Dance session for the attended guests
  • Thank you speech from the bridal couple

Therefore these are few of the main aspects you should look in to when planning the horse riding in order to make your dream day a memorable a one.

Aspects Of A Good Whale Sighting Cruise

It is really an exciting opportunity to watch whales in their natural habitat. You can makes this possible by taking a whale viewing tour! It is crucial to make the experience count and optimize the money you spend. So, choose the most reputable and reliable tour operator for watching whales because you may get this chance only once in your lifetime.
Things to consider

• First of all, you have to choose an experienced, knowledgeable and expert guide for the cruise. Most whale viewing tour companies are registered as official tour operators and provide information to visitors before tickets are bought.
• Tour guide should have educational and scientific knowledge to make your day unforgettableone. He should have a complete log book, logging sights of whales, species with photos and other important information. 
• Keep away from opportunists who will try to make a quick profit in the season period when migrating whales pass through bays and harbors. They will conduct whale watch in Hervey Bay in these days for a steep price.
• These tour operators and guides are not reliable and don’t have any educational experience to encourage visitors about marine life. They are just trying to make some money in the season time. You should avoid these types of operators.
• Watching whales must be extremely safe and protected in all manners. The tour guides will provide you information about the basics of boat safety and also have sufficient lifesaving equipments on board.
• You don’t have to worry about the safety aspect because a reliable whale observation tour is not a pace test on the water, it is a smooth meander. The more patient you are, the better chances for having the best whale sightings.
• You should not disturb the magnificent animals, agitate or intrude their space, but rather simply observe them in their natural habitat.
A good and reliable tour guide will respect the space of the animals and won’t go nearer than regulations allow. You can take enough photos and enjoy the stunning privilege out with the gentle giants of the sea! Hence, choosing the best and reliable tour operator plays a vital role in getting an unforgettable whale sighting experience that you will cherish for the rest of life.
So, you will want to do some research on available options before finalizing your decision. Ask your friends and acquaintances for references and recommendations. They may provide you first hand information about quality service providers. Visit the websites of reliable tour operators to know more about them such as years of experience, service history, seasonal offers, price rates, and more. Choose the best tour operator and enjoy one of the best cruise experiences in the world.